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CD Reiss, Songs of Submission Series, overall review
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These types of books are a dime a dozen now. 
Billionaire Alpha seducing the struggling woman. 
Heard it all before? So what sets this series out from the rest?
Well I will tell you, its fresh, witty,  it has two strong mature lead characters and some amazing sexual scenes, BUT the entire book isn’t just one big sex scene, cause lets face it, the sex scenes are good, but if there’s no real story, the book becomes a blur.  
Jump on board and come see what all the hype is about, just a little forewarning though, have the rest of the series already downloaded or close by. 
*I originally received the first book, Beg via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review, the rest of the reviews are because I couldn’t put Jonathan down 🙂

*Please note;

Songs of Submission is AKA The Submission Series.
In addition to that, Songs of Submission #8 is titled Dominance, which is made up of the short stories Jessica & Sharon and  Monica.

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Would I recommend this series: 

Yes, I pimp the entire series every chance I get. This woman is hands down The best authors I have had the pleasure of reading.

Would I re-read this series: 

Would I read future books by this author: 
Hell Yes, this woman has hijacked my TBR! 
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