★ Review ☆ Submit, Songs of Submission # 3, CD Reiss

Book 3, Submit. 175pg ebook
“I want to be your last. I want to ruin you for other men”
Woah! Emotional roller coaster is an understatement.  This book has it all, from heartbreaking lowest of lows and earth-moving highs. 
Firstly, the rating WAS a 5 Kinky Heels, but there are some books that deserve more, this is one of them, Hence the new rating. 
This kicks off right where Tease left off, with Monica hurt and miserable (and quite sexually frustrated) over the bitch, Jessica, insinuating Jonathan got all hot and rough with her only hours after promising to be exclusive with her. 
With Jonathan away on business, it’s easier for her to ignore him, leaving her confused and angry, but certainly still devoted to him.
She heads over to him, armed with her determination on finding out the truth and bringing Jonathan’s guard down at all and any cost, and she succeeds, until a certain conversation about her being a “Natural born submissive” that sets her mind into a frenzy.
“My name is Monica, and I am not submissive. I stand six feet tall in heels. I am descended from one of the greatest writers of the twentieth century. I can sing like an angel, and growl like a lion. I am not owned. I am music.”
Speaking of music, things are looking great for Monica, WDE is interested in signing her, but isn’t too interested in her best friend, Gabby, and they come as a team. After the company pulls a fast one and switches the venue for the recording, but only telling Monica, things turn quite ugly, and heartbreaking. Through it all, Jonathan stays beside her, making it clear he has no intention of walking away.
Between dealing with the choices she had made as well as losing her voice, Monica struggles with her feelings with Jonathan, and being called a “Natural submissive.” In her mind, that is a term that isn’t what she wants to be, yet the desires she feels for him and the need to please and obey says a different story.

“What if he collars me? Slaps me? Spanks me? Bites me? Fucks me in the ass? Whips me? Hurts me? Displays me? Gags me? Blindfolds me? Shares me? Humiliates me? Ties me down? Makes me bleed? Fucks me up? Chocks my mouth open. Pulls my hair. Fucks my face. Calls me whore. Tells me to lick the floor. Destroys me. Makes me hate myself. Turns me into an animal.”


Kevin is back and holds a bigger part in this book than I would care for him to have, trying to reel Monica in to help him with his next art project.
Darren? well, let’s just say he has jumped the fence and leave it at that 😉 
The sex? Come on people, its CD REISS,  you know the sex is damn pantie melting. And to think, this one gets a little rougher and kinkier.
The ending as always leaves you craving to know what happens next and to find out what the sneaky little cow, Jessica is up to.

“He rubbed his palms along the tops of my thighs and up around my waist. He laid his head on my lap and said nothing as i stroked his hair and hummed a melody that reminded me of the cadences of his voice.We sat like that, me  on the couch, humming, and him on his knees before me, long after my tea became cold and the morning birds silenced themselves for the day.” 

Just when I think CD Reiss can’t shock me anymore, she goes and pulls “Submit” on my ass, leaving me with tears from laughing and tears from heartache. It’s not easy to get me that emotionally invested in a book that I cry for any reason, but CD has managed to do that.

(The three other kick-ass woman in case you’re wondering who these brilliant authors are, check out Roni LorenTiffany Reisz, and Jodi Ellen Malpas)
She’s had me Begging, while she Teased, making me Submit to her, can she keep the Control
let’s find out 🙂
(completely forgot, up next is, Jessica and Sharon‘s story, *Sharon is the submissive that you hear about in book 3* told from Jonathan’s eyes, a very short story, 23 pages)
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