★ Review ☆ Full Throttle by Adriana Hunter #RidingDesire

Full Throttle. 60pg ebook

I feel this story was quite rushed, I think the author could have slowed things down a little and left it open for a follow-up story. 
That being said, I did enjoy it enough for a 3.5 Kinky Heel rating.
I would still like to have some more time with these two, to actually watch their relationship grow. 

Aubrey, a young and very driven woman, who does everything she is meant to. 

All her dreams and goals are that of her mothers, like getting a spot in the Madison-Parkway Symphony. 
All her focus is on pleasing everyone in her life, until fate intervenes, throwing a dark-haired god, riding in on his bike to save the day. 
Caleb, the free-spirited gorgeous tattoo artist who is drawn to Aubrey at first glance. 
After being her knight in black leather after a bag snatching, things move extremely fast. 
Aubrey finds herself letting go a little, taking a page out of Caleb’s book and being true to herself, at all costs. 
Caleb falls hard and is willing to leave behind his carefree life for her. But will these two make it, or will Aubrey stick to her mother’s cookie cutter plan? 
Grab the box set to find out! 
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