★ Release Day ☆ Binary Code by D H Sidebottom & Rebecca Sherwin


TITLE: Binary Code
AUTHOR: D H Sidebottom & Rebecca Sherwin
RELEASE DATE: 31st August 2016

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★ Review ☆ The Decimation of Mae by D.H. Sidebottom

The Decimation of Mae by D.H. Sidebottom
Holy shit!
I’m sorry, but seriously….Holy shit!
What do you even say about a book like this, a book that rips you from the inside out, that leaves you a broken, sobbing mess. One that makes you feel dirty and wrong as you start to fall for the bad guy, start to enjoy the intimate scenes between him and the protagonist…
I have only one answer…Holy shit!

Okay, so, here’s the low-down:

At first, I honestly thought this was going to be like a lot of other books I’ve read. Poor girl at a party, being taken advantage of. Guy swoops in to rescue, cue angst, and then HEA…you know the story.

Only….That wasn’t what happened at all.

The savior turns out to be the bad guy, the kind of guy that will make your skin crawl because he’s just THAT awful. Fast forward a few years and Mae’s life is awful, still marred and scarred by the Daniel, the bad guy. But things are…okay. She’s adjusted, learned to accept her harsh reality.

Right about the time I start to get bored with the story line, DH throws a huge ass monkey wrench in there. Like, didn’t even see that coming. But it only gets worse. I go on a major mind-fuck, get taken down a dirty, slippery path that I can’t seem to find my footing in.
Then, just as I start to adjust to THAT craziness, she throws something else in there. And then something else, yet again. And then…oh, the tears. The ugly, sobbing tears.

Basically, this is one of those books that twists and turns so completely, just about the time you think you know what’s about to happen, that you start to almost dread turning the page, but you also can’t stop because you just have to know what happens next.

Be forewarned though, some of the plot twists seem…almost forced, a little too much. But it’s not so unbelievable that it throws you completely out of the story; still a book very worthy of four kinky heels!

I’m looking forward into diving into book 2 of the Blue Butterfly series, The Redemption of Daniel.
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