★ Review ☆ Heart Racer by Marian Tee #RidingDesire

Heart Racer. 73pg ebook

I hate doing these kinds of reviews, but, I am at a loss with this story. 

It’s a short story, but took me a little over 2 days to actually finish it, which let’s face it, that’s really bad for me.

Now, I love me some cockiness in a man, but this guy thinks he is gods gift, and in all honesty, I can not stand that. He thinks he is doing the world a favor by just being there and gracing us with his presence. Sorry Leandro, but no. I think this story could have been really great if the author had of dialed back this rude kópanos (jerk), but this is just my opinion.

Leandro, an overly cocky, stunningly gorgeous but an extremely arrogant Greek billionaire who left Athens and has sent himself to America to “change” his ways in order to help his father’s career and get back in his good graces. He decides the best way is to chance his appearance in the public eye by getting himself a fake girlfriend, one that will make him look less like the illegal street racing party animal he is.

He never expects to meet someone like Roberta – aka Bobby.

Bobby is a quiet loner, by choice. She hides under her baggy average clothing in hopes to blend in. After a girl in school plays an awful prank on her, she has sworn herself off men, she doesn’t trust any of them, and that does not change when she meets Leandro.

Bobby gets under his skin instantly, and not entirely in a good way, so to silence her rampage on him, he kisses her,  but she still doesn’t trust him, and she certainly doesn’t want anything to do with him.

Leandro won’t give up that easy, and finds out the easiest way to bed the tough virginal Bobby, is to tell her he loves her, a lie that easily rolls off his tongue, and just as easily is believed by Bobby.

It isn’t long before Leandro realizes his love for her, but when all his lies surface and things come to a head, will her love for him be enough to forgive him, or will she leave him with a shattered heart?

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