★ Review ☆ XO, Blake: The Undergrad Years #3 by Avery Aster

This is the third instalment of the Undergrad Years and this is Blake’s story.

While this is labeled a standalone, I highly recommend you read Love, Lex and Yours Truly, Taddy (currently free) before this one as there are parts from both novellas mentioned in this one.

The start of this novella, like the other two in the series, and gives a little background on Blake before he starts at Avon Porter Academy.

Blake is the gay guy who from a Very early age, has know it and been encouraged by his family to embrace and be true to his true self.

Flip to not long after where Yours Truly, Taddy left off and Blake and the girls are trying to get back to “normal” after their plane accident and want to have a little fun. So when they are randomly invited to Glamorama, a night club they aren’t old enough for, they decide it’s time to test out their fake I.D.

Their fun night turns into a disaster real fast when someone spikes their drinks, leaving the girls in hospital and Blake being taken home by Diego and Miguel, the two hunky Latino’s he’s been lusting after since school started.

Love, sex, booze, loyalty, drama, a touchy subject or two, and new found friendships, everything you’ve come to expect from Avery and her Manhattanites 

Now, I just need Unsaid! I Need Blake’s full length novel. I need more Blake!

*pretty pleaseeeeee with some sexy men on top, please bring it out real soon, Avery*

Oh before I end this, I have to mention this. There are hundreds of hot, witty and downright amazing quotes throughout this story, but when I read the quote below, I was completely blown away by it. It’s such a simple sentence, but so … WOW!

It’s been almost 24 hours since I’ve finished XO, Blake and I can Still remember word for word that Blake’s father said to him.


ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.

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Don’t forget to grab the rest in the Undergrad Years novella’s as well as the full length novels, The Manhattinites:

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Love, Lex:
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Yours Truly, Taddy:
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XO, Blake:
Always & Forever, Vive: (Pre-Order)
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The Manhattanites

Undressed – Lex
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Unscrupulous – Taddy
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Unsaid – Blake (Pre-Order September 2nd 2015)
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★ Review ☆ Yours Truly, Taddy, The Undergrad Years by Avery Aster

Welcome to Eden!
Taddy has just learned that after emancipating herself from her parents, they drained her trust, leaving her completely broke with no way of paying for her college tuition. 
Thankfully, Taddy has the love and support of her BFF’s mother, Birdie who lands her a modeling gig where the foursome board a plane with three of Europes hottest men, destination, Martinique.
The foursome haven’t had much luck, and that doesn’t change here when their plane crashes, flinging Taddy into the ocean without her friends. But she wasn’t alone. 
Leon, one of the hunky men from the flight sat with her on a piece of the plane. 
Nothing could have prepared Taddy for the events that come after this. 
Fearing she’d never make it out of the ocean alive, Taddy throws her trust, hope, and the “Lady V”  to Leon, in hopes they will reach Eden and their friends again.
As always, Avery steams up the pages with her hot sex scenes, fresh in your face characters and endless snort-inducing giggles.


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★ Review ☆ Love, Lex, The Undergrad Years by Avery Aster #RidingDesire

Love, Lex. 102pg ebook
Holy fudge! 
If you ever want a sure thing book, grab anything by Avery Aster! 
It’s no secret that I love this woman and everything she has written, but it seems the more books she brings out, the better they are. 
This story gives you a better insight to Lex’s life growing up, her weight issues, her friendship with her best friends and her first real love. 
Lex is 17yrs old, and getting ready to embark on the best time of her life. 
Her 18th birthday in Paris with her boyfriend, and her present? Giving up her “Lady V” virgin card. Or so she thinks until she finds her pigtard boyfriend in bed with her mother! 
One freak fire accident lands Lex, Taddy, and Vive behind bars for Arson and attempted murder, their friendship is tested while fighting for their freedom, and so is Lex’s hormones. 
Officer Ford “God” Gotti. Dayum! 
Think Dwayne Johnson meet Channing Tatum covered in tattoos and straddling a motorcycle…. Paints a damn fine picture for me 😉 
The 21yr old new officer has taken a liking to Lex after pulling her and her friends over when an APB was issued on both Lex’s scooter and Vive’s limo for leaving the scene of a crime. 
Ford bends over backward’s to try helping Lex at every turn, while Lex is trying to bend over anyway for Ford. The chemistry these two display even in the grimmest of circumstances is electrifying and no surprise at all that these tho get it on. 
The sex? 
A little quick, but still hot, I mean come on, “Channing – Johnson” fucking you on a Daytona 955i? Incredible! 
After all, is said and done, what will happen to Lex and the girls?  
You’ll need to grab this short story to find out.
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