★ Review ☆ The Prince, Original Sinners # 3, Tiffany Reisz

Kingsley was free. No hands held him. No mouth kissed him. He stood against the tree, alone, untouched. Bewildered, he stared at Søren, who stood five feet away from him, panting. Søren raised his hand and wiped a drop of blood off the side of his mouth. 
“Mais…” Kingsley protested.
Søren lowered his hand.
“You said my safe word.”


The star ratings ain’t too accurate for this. There should be a set for each part of the book, seeing as there are 3 stories happening. 

Miss Tiffany promised a Mind fuck with this book, and boy did she deliver. 
laughing, gasping, swearing uncontrollably, cringing, crying (poor spanks for nothing) and a hell of a lot of arousal, then repeating the spin cycle of emotions, was a very through mind fuck leaving me breathless, panting and begging at Miss Tiffany’s feet for more. 

I was pulled from the past to present with Søren and Kingsley, then ripped over to Nora and sexy Wes, only to be dragged back to the past with the boys. I don’t think anyone other than Tiffany could ever pull off, plus you really need a little breather, from those two sexy boys. 

“You haven’t seen my world. You’ve got a church. I got a castle. You’ve got a vow of poverty. I’ve got more money than God. You can’t even be seen in public with her. I can stand in front of a thousand cameras with the whole world watching, and kiss her. “

Fucking Wowzer! 
Learning about the history of how these two came together was breathtakingly beautiful, emotional, dark and raw. 
From the start, if the Original Sinners series, it’s been known of Kingsley’s love, respect and devotion for Søren, finally we see how deep it runs. 
From the rare tender words, brutal words, even more, brutal beatings and finally betraying his sister, Kingsley’s loyalty and love never changed, not even in 30years.

Søren….. from the start of the series I didn’t really like him, in The Angel, a fell for him, saw his tender side, how much he loves his little one. Now, after The Prince, Seeing how Søren was younger has made me love that man even more, learning about his past, why he is the man he is now, his feelings, love and his fears, makes him more human, much more lovable. 
Shows that Nora really is his true love, his Little One. Ultimately his safe word. 

While trying to find out who wishes to destroy them all, and why, These two men had my heart pounding for one reason or another through the whole book. 

Nora finally with Wesley…. 
I prayed it would happen in The Siren and in every other book and short story Tiffany has given us the pleasure of reading. 
I love Wes, more so, I love Wes with Nora. Watching them in his world, was amazing, seeing her open up and relax was a great thing. Hopefully, a forever thing 🙂

The cliffhanger ending…… I swear Miss Tiffany is a sadist 😉
An ending no one would ever have guessed. 
Now the wait for The Mistress begins. 

This quote from another who reviewed The Prince is extremely correct. 

In The Siren, I wanted nothing more than for Nora and Wesley to be together. In The Angel, Ms. Reisz flogged me until I forgot about Wesley, and wanted Soren and Nora together. And now, in The Prince, she whipped, flogged, and caned me until I submitted and fell at Soren and Kingsley feet. 



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★ Review ☆ The Angel, Original Sinners # 2, Tiffany Reisz

“No safe word can protect the heart”

I have sat here for ages staring at a blank screen trying to figure how to start this review and keep coming up with nothing. So I’m just going to wing it and hope that it doesn’t come out as screwed up as this book left my head (in a good-ish way.) 😉

Firstly, I should probably start with saying that this has MMF and MM sexual scenes.

Like The Siren, this book is raw, dark and deliciously kinky, that doesn’t end with an HEA for everyone. It is a little lighter than THE SIREN, with more sexual and kink scenes, but still is a very intense book. 

That being said, let’s get to it.

OK, so this one takes place not long after The Siren and we have more Griffin ::fans face::

So, at the end of The Siren Nora went back to where she belongs, with Søren. 12 months has passed, and while things have been blissful for the two, in secret of course because of his position as the Priest, Now they have a problem. There is a threat, a reporter who has had an anonymous tip off about our dear Priest, that he is abusing his position, and she is set on uncovering anything and everything on Father Stearns. Especially anything that involves Michael.

Michael, the Angel,  who has had a tough life growing up, with trying to understand who he is, a submissive, and bisexual at that. He dealt with abuse from his father. After a suicide attempt, where his Priest, our beloved Sadist, helps him pull himself together. He is sent to the country with Nora when a nosy report starts snooping around. Nora is to train Michael as a submissive, what a lucky boy. And even luckier when he sets his eyes on the drop dead gorgeous, Kilt wearing Griffin.

“Coming down the main spiral staircase taking two steps at a time and wearing nothing but a black kilt and Doc Marten boots was the lunatic laird of the manor himself. 


Six feet tall, bronzed skin and with the broad chest and shoulders of a heavyweight boxer, there wasn’t much in the world more fun to stare at than Griffin Fiske. He had elaborate armband tattoos around both biceps, dark hair that spiked up just too perfectly, and the dirtiest smile she’d ever seen on anyone besides her.” 


It was instant lust when Michael and Griffin’s eyes meet, but with the promise of Griffin’s membership to the 8th circle revoked and Nora ripped from his life for good if he has sex with Michael, it makes for an interesting and creative time for these two. 

But with the connection growing day by day, will Griffin stand up to Søren for his chance at love with Michael? 

Now, because Tiffany just can’t stop at incredible, she has to take an extra step, She has thrown in more twists.  

Someone has broken into Kingsley’s, the King of Kinks home and stolen one of his personal files on none other than, Nora. We get some insight into Kingsley’s past and shows how he and Søren became the men they are today.

“You told me about him. Good men don’t hit women.”
“Good men only hit the women who want to be hit.”


The SM scenes … FUCKING HOT!!! 

There seriously is no words I can use to explain how well Tiffany writes these scenes or any scene for that matter. For those who are actively in the BDSM lifestyle, you would have read books that didn’t quite match up with how things really are, Tiffany’s books are not one of those, everything is believable, everything adds up. 

Now the blood play, I would say was unexpected, but with Tiffany Reisz, I have learned to expect the unexpected and be prepaid for things I think are impossible, because that woman, will make it possible.

Oh, and Whats happening with Wes? Well, Nora is avoiding the country boy, while I have a soft spot for him, my heart is with the Priest, but what will Nora do? 

I have a feeling that there is a lot of twists and turns ahead for everyone. Just when you think you know what Tiffany is getting at, she flips the switch and turns your world upside down again.  

“Fetishes…they’re the pet you feed or the beast that eats you.” 


We’ll feed your beast until it’s tamed.”

I laughed, winced, cried and got damn frustrated as hell, in good and bad ways, but then again, what can you expect from an author like Tiffany Reisz. 

This woman is in a league of her own.

Up next, The Prince, well after I get my bearings back from this one 😉

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★ Review ☆ The Siren, Original Sinners # 1, Tiffany Reisz

overload copy

“The same wind that blows us off course can turn and carry us home.” 

First off, this is not your typical HEA erotic novel, nor for the faint hearted.
I have learned that not everyone is going to love this book in all of its dark and raw beauty, I have had people look at me like I have grown two heads at my response to this book. This doesn’t just skim over the top of the BDSM lifestyle, it slices it open and digs deep into the core, dragging everyone out of their comfort zone. Some have said it should come with a Safeword, I would have to agree.With that being said, this book is real, heartbreaking, and painfully intense with extreme ‘fuck hot’ S&M sex scenes, it will have you wrapped around the end of Mistress Nora’s crop begging for more from the start.
I met Nora by chance, honestly, I saw the cover at a local store with a bunch of other BDSM Erotica and it stood out, I thought “Damn they are some hot tied up ankles” 😉  so I grabbed it, best thing I ever done. 
Where to start with this… I guess with the Siren herself, Nora.

“S&M is as psychological as it is physical and sexual, Zach. Imagine being as deep inside a woman’s mind as you are inside her body.” 

Nora, the confident, quick-witted, dripping with sex appeal, brutally honest best selling infamous Erotica author who jumps off the page and demands your attention from the first word. 
Men and women alike fall at her feet, literately. Did I mention she is one hell of a Dominatrix? Well, she is The Dominatrix of NYC, and in my opinion, a bit of an S.A.M (Smart Assed Masochist) to boot, well for one man only, Her Priest (I will get to that sexy Danish Sadist soon enough).  It doesn’t matter how you take her,  the Mistress of the underground, the submissive, the infamous Nora Sutherlin or simply Eleanor, she is one beautiful mess who is on a journey of finding where she truly fits, sacrificing her own happiness for that of everyone she loves.

“I know people think erotica is just a romance novel with rougher sex. It’s not. If it’s a sub genre of anything, it’s horror.” 

Nora gains a new editor, Zach,  a more reserved British editor, who has the final say in the book contract she is working so hard on getting, the problem? He doesn’t want to work with her, so gives her a ridiculous 6-week deadline to come up with a complete novel that he approves, or he won’t sign the book contract.

He is separated from his wife of 10 years, the love of his life, and as moved from London to New York to pursue his career. He becomes well-known as one of the toughest but best editors that Royal House Publishing has. He also has been given the nickname, London Fog, for his cold and detached attitude.  

Zach does play a relatively big part in this story, but his character isn’t as catching as the others, but he is still a wonderful addition and a great play thing for Mistress Nora to bait at every chance she gets. 

The sexual banter between these two as they both try to gain the total control over their newly found partnership has you laughing at every turn. 

“What’s your favorite position?”
“I usually play winger.” 
“Zach, I adore you, but you can’t make soccer jokes during phone sex. It just isn’t done.” 


Moving along to her Wesley…. The innocence in Nora’s world.

The sweet, gorgeous intern that Nora couldn’t leave alone.

The 19-year-old Catholic virgin worships and loves Nora despite not agreeing with her choices. The country boy’s devotion for Nora is so touching, and heartbreaking at the same time, watching these two is a devastatingly beautiful thing. Beautiful for the love they have for each other and devastating for you know it can not be…. Or can it?

“It’s not morning until you’re awake. And it’s not night until you’re asleep in your bed under my roof. And I could go on and on but hope is a horrible thing, and I love you too much to give you any.”

And  Søren…. This man has caned my backside and rendered me happily to my knees.

The highly respected and well-loved Catholic BDSM Sadistic Priest.

Yes, you read that right, he is a BDSM Sadistic Priest, not something you would expect to read about, but once again, Mistress Tiffany has outdone herself and gone where no one would have expected, and this book is better for it.

“He’s sexually aroused by inflicting pain and humiliation. And he’s phenomenal at it.

Søren has been Nora’s Priest and guardian of sorts since she was 15 years old, and has loved her since the beginning. He is the love of her life, the S to her M, their D/s relationship progressed from the time they met where she willingly submitted to his every desire, her one, and only true Master.

Now some with argue that he may have abused his power as her Priest, but I can not agree.  Søren wrestles with this feeling with Nora or Eleanor to him, and his calling at the church, Nora selflessly sacrificed her wants for him, ending their 13-year relationship, thus becoming, Mistress Nora.

“If you come back to me,” he said, making a rare concession, “will you run or crawl?”

The sex scenes in this book aren’t as many as one would think, that isn’t saying that I was disappointed. Most of the books I have read classed as BDSM Erotica deal with light to medium levels of BDSM. Not this book, this is hardcore, heart pumping, pantie dropping and down right exquisitely breathtakingly brutal.

“He saved up her pain, counted it like currency and the more pain she endured, the more pleasure she could buy with it.”

Sleep? I forgot to do that while reading this book, I devoured it in no time at all, and wish I hadn’t been so greedy and made it last a little longer.
From the first word I fell to my knees at Mistress Tiffany’s feet, and by the dreaded last word, I was still there, at her mercy.

Sleep can wait a little longer, up next, Mr ‘Fuck hot” himself, Griffin in 


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