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How do you describe a book like This Man?
More importantly,
how do you describe a man like Jesse Ward?!
Oh, I know! I’ll just ask Ava!

I’m standing in my bra, knickers, and heels, at the complete mercy of the Adonis looming behind me.

An Adonis, he is, most definitely! His entire physique is,
according to Ava, perfection. Women everywhere are more than ready and willing to drop their knickers for him. But they don’t know what Ava knows about him.

He wants complete control of me, and I get absolutely no say in it – none at all.
Is this what I want? My head is a riot of mixed feelings and doubts. Why did I go and fall in love with the ultimate, unreasonable, challenging control freak?

And therein lies my issue with Mr. Ward…or at least the
worst of it. I know my good friend, ‘Lil Maso, is in absolute lust with Jesse,
but me…meh. Not so much.
Don’t get me wrong, I am ALL ABOUT an alpha male. What I’m
not about is a guy that’s so horribly insecure that he has to control. So
unstable that he truly does NEED a specific woman in his life. I won’t tell you
all much about that because I don’t want to spoil the fun, but let’s just say
that he is an absolute freaking wreck!

“I prefer you when you’re crazy happy; you’re scary when you’re crazy mad.”
His lips twitch. “Then stop doing things to make me crazy mad.”
I gape at him, but he presses his lips to mine before I can challenge him on that
accusation. This man is crazy deluded, on top of everything else.
Speaking of wrecks…Mr. Ward and his secrets are a train
wreck just waiting to happen! Sadly, I saw that coming from a mile away. THIS (the predictability) is the only reason I deducted a kinky heel from my review. Let me explain further.
Although I cannot STAND Mr. Ward, and he gets under my skin
unlike any other male character I’ve ever read about, the fact that he DOES get
under my skin says something. He’s a (mostly) believable character. His perfect
physical appearance is put into balance by his emotional depravity and
immaturity. All in all, my disliking his personality makes him more believable
in my mind – a lot more believable than some of the male Adonis characters I’ve
read about that are so perfect they make me sick.
On that note, I’ll get to what I know you’re all waiting for….
If you’re a hot and steamy kinda gal (which I assume you
are, or you wouldn’t be here), you’ll find no shortage of sexy scenes in Jodi Ellen Malpas’s This Man! The sex scenes are hot, descriptive, and..well…I’ll
just show you:

I pant as I’m thrown into a place between pleasure and agony. The fullness I feel is indescribable, the pain is great, but the pleasure…Oh God, the pleasure is beyond description and completely unanticipated. The tightness of my muscles
around him has me feeling every pulsing vein and rolling ripple of his erection. My body releases a little of the tension that it’s built up and its place…pure pleasure attacks me.

That’s just a sampling…there is SO much more. As ‘Lil Maso
mentioned in her awesome review, there are all kinds of fucks – ‘making friend
fucks,’ ‘sense fucks,’ ‘sleepy sex’…You get the idea. So, yes, if you’re all
about the sex scenes AND you can control your urge to throw something through
your reader at Mr. Ward, this is a definite must read!
Although I’m not particularly a fan of Mr. Ward, I have a
feeling that he’s going to find a way to redeem himself along the way…obviously
not completely because…well…spoiler, so not going there. But I DO believe there
will be at least some sort of a positive ending for Jesse and Ava, and that
Jesse will show me at least some growth throughout the rest of the series.
So, onward I go!

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