★ Review ☆ Undressed, The Manhattanites # 1, Avery Aster


“ American Express doesn’t accept orgasms as payment. But my twat will take your Massimo Euro.”

Young Lex is fierce, determined and wise beyond her years.

Growing up the daughter of a dysfunctional couple, she dedicates her life to Easton’s  essentials and putting her personal life on hold. 

Well besides her battery operated boyfriend, the Masi Salami. Named after the handsome Italian Prince. 

The sexy blonde haired, green eyed powerhouse sets off to Milan to sort out a problem with the studly Prince Massimo and secure her lively hood.

Massimo labeled a typical rich “playboy” turned out to be nothing I expected. 

The worldly Prince, successful in business, finance and surround by many gorgeous women and having everything at his feet, however, he keeps everyone at arm’s length and lacks one thing, a real connection with a woman. 

Annoyed when Lex barged in and interrupted his vaccination, He tried staying business with her, tried to remain in control.

Neither of them anticipated the electric attraction or the series that unfolded in the week to come. 

This book isn’t an over the top erotica some may think. Yes, it has great detailed sex that most certainly have heart’s racing and vajayjay’s begging for attention, but it’s more than that.

It’s about finding yourself and finding love along the way.

Undressed has it all, quick sharp tongues, flirtatious banter, heartbreaking recap’s from the past, sizzling dirty talk to have you dripping, hair pulling, rejection, loads of giggles, tons of WTF moments, and let’s not forget the delicious hot sex, threesome included!

“Please do not masturbate while I do your feet. I cannot take another moaning horny white woman this week.” 

 Avery has hit the ball out if the park with this one, speaking of balls, Avery has defiantly given new meaning to “balls deep” 😉 (need to read to understand)

Just like her other book, I would love to hear more, much more from Lex and her Prince.

** I received a copy of Undressed courtesy of the author via Edelweiss in return for an honest review. ** 

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