★ Review ☆ Unscrupulous, The Manhattanites # 2, Avery Aster

“I’m a perfectionist. I’m also an obsessive masturbator, a workaholic, and I started smoking again.”

OK, let’s get that negative out of the way; 
I kept hearing that this book has a “sex in the city” feel, I didn’t see it at all. 
The story started out slow and took me a few attempts to get started. 
I think there was far too much about other character’s, like Birdie and Kiki and that took away from the main characters, Warner and Taddy. It would be nice to have more about those two. 
The love between Warner and Taddy was rushed, the author could have cut a few Birdie/kiki parts out for some more “alone time” for the pair to blossom.

Ok, now that’s out of the way, to the good bits 🙂 YAY! A strong lead woman who stands on her own two feet!

Taddy, who was brush off to boarding school at 12years after her father found out he wasn’t her biological father. 
Instead of falling into self-pity, she worked her way to the top and at 28 years old is the owner of Brill Inc. 
Taddy is strong, determine, witty, and stunningly gorgeous. 
The fiery red head is driven by sex and sexy men and makes no apologies for it. She is proud of who she is and goes after what her heart (or other body parts) wants.

Warner, married his first love very young, a cougar, who taught him about respect for a woman and started with him in the business of building hotels until she passed.
Warner threw himself into his work and built his empire, becoming a millionaire by 33 years old and attracting the wrong women, such as Rielle, his ex fiancè who is nothing more than a lying, manipulating gold digger. 
He is incredibly attractive, very defined body and a killer mouth on him.

The chemistry between these two is very evident from the start, very hot and heavy, until an interruption. 
It’s a shame if took them months to reconnect.

You will laugh, scream, climax and pull your hair out with this book, that is a promise, Avery certainly delivered a good read.

Women all over the world will be “buzzing” over this book 😉

**** I received an ARC copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review ****

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