★ Review ☆ Work of Art: The Collection by Ruth Clampett


Work of Art: The Collection
by Ruth Clampett

Wort of Art – The Collection was a great romance to read.

I would honestly rate this collection as a 3 but because of the depth the writer took to give us a true an true story where we got to live the day to day life with all of the characters and for the addition of the epilogue, and the male POV’s at the end of the book I rated it 3.5 stars.

I quite enjoyed how she let the story grow and did not make it so steadfast, but having said all of this I found the story to be annoyingly long, and found myself skipping through parts.

I love a good romance story but Max was a little too depressingly clingy for me, and Ava…. was just a little too naive for me.

I have sat on this review for a few days because it’s been difficult to figure out if I liked the book or not as a whole.

I have come to the conclusion that I did half way enjoy it, but I love strong men and I love strong women…. These two characters were neither. Their relationship and relationships with others were very melodramatic, obsessive and at times just annoying.

Ava is a dick tease but at the same time she doesn’t want to be fucked, she wants flowers and a bed.

There are so many parts of this collection that I loved and hated…..

Even though I skipped through some chapters, that felt repetitive or could’ve honestly been left out, I don’t feel as though I missed anything by doing so.

The twists and turns that we get throughout this collection i quite thoroughly enjoyed and never saw coming, but the turn out was always the same.

I feel like this book could’ve been so much more had Max not been such a crazy, dramatic, almost teenager of a man….. and had Ava just straight up left his ass. I felt like I was reading a high-school romance and not a romance about two adults in the business world.

I almost felt like Max was in for committing suicide with all of his breakdowns that he had and just because of how his character was portrayed from the get go.

However, the ending was just what I needed. These two characters finally come together, unite and learn how to live with the quirkiness of each other.

The epilogue was splendid, and the extra scenes that we got at the end were a delight. I loved being able to get into Max’s head, along with his Fathers, and I felt quite complete after receiving those little tid bits.

I loved that this collection was about an artist and how we got to delve into the various techniques, showings and etc. It is not very often that we get to read a romance of a couple that isn’t some alpha business man, and because of this I stuck with this book until the end…..

I plan on revisiting this collection in the future to see if maybe my feelings change…

But right now I just want to go join Max in his art room, me paint, roll around with him and forget about it.

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